Trophy Glutes (8 Week Glute Guide)

Trophy Glutes (8 Week Glute Guide)

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Launch Day: Wed. August 11, 2021 at noon central time!

Trophy Glutes is the ultimate glute guide if you are looking to add as much size to your glutes naturally through hard work and consistency.

This 8 week glute guide will provide you with the tools, workouts, and fundamentals that you need to grow your glutes naturally. 

You will learn how to train and eat in a way that is sustainable long term and you will use hw to take certain exercises and use the to optimize glute growth.

This is not a cookie cutter glute guide with a bunch of resistance bands and trendy exercises.

Hard work, progressive overload, and pushing yourself will be required to see results, BUT that just makes your results even more rewarding.

A support community will be provided along with 8 weeks of training (4 workouts per week), and mindset and nutrition guidance/fundamentals that helped me take my glutes from 37 inches to 42+ inches!