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The Glute Guide Overview

The Thicc Glutes Guide is the ultimate 4 guide consisting between of 3 workouts per week if you are really looking to grow full, strong, thicc, developed glutes! My glutes have grown from 38 inches to 44 inches over the course of time and I will be sharing with you everything that absolutely works for gaining size in your glutes! This will be the perfect guide to pair with your current training regimen. I recommend pairing this program with my snatched and thicc guide! 

What's Included?

•4 weeks of training (3 workouts per week)

•Grocery Lists / List of foods categorized by each macronutrient

•List of every exercise included in this guide

•Weekly inspirational quotes

•Progressive overload style of training to help you gain the most amount of muscle possible 

•You will learn how to train effectively long term 

•The Thicc Glutes Guide is yours to keep forever 

*Please Note

  This program is not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure any health issue. All contents in this program are not intended to replace the advice of any physician. With the purchase of this program, you are agreeing that you are fully responsible for your own actions in and outside of the gym. This program is based off of what has worked best for me and what I have learned through experience. I am not a certified personal trainer or a registered dietitian. This program was designed for me and my goals, but I am making it available for those who want to train similarly to/with me. There will be a closed Facebook group available to girls that enter the challenge. With that being said there will only be positivity and kindness allowed! If I see anyone displaying any negativity and/or bullying, I have the right to remove that person from the Facebook group and from the challenge without providing a refund. Please train/eat responsibly but have fun! 
Let’s crush our goals together!