Super Sexy Super Sets (Group 2)

Super Sexy Super Sets (Group 2)

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The Super Sexy Super Sets challenge (group 2) will begin on 11/9/2020

What’s Included?

6 Weeks of training 

•6 workouts per week are provided 

•An at home version and a gym based version are both included 

•Demonstration videos 

•Sections on mindset, training, and nutrition with information that will set you up to succeed long term and in all aspects of your life

•Vegan and non vegan grocery lists categorized by each macronutrient

•Facebook support group 

•Entry to win a cash prize for overall best transformation!

What to expect and what you will learn 

•This challenge is perfect for anyone who is looking to lose fat, gain muscle, or do a full body recomposition!

•This program is challenging for those who are more advanced but also friendly to beginners and new lifters.

•You will learn how to have consistency and structure within your training and nutrition and how to make your training enjoyable. 

•You will learn how to set goals and set a solid plan so that you always achieve your goals by having the right mindset and taking the necessary action.

•You will learn how to track your macros and find balance with your nutrition. 

•You will become stronger mentally and physically!

•You will gain knowledge in all aspects of training, mindset, and nutrition that will stay with you along your journey forever!

•You will learn how to affectively track your progress without depending on the scale alone.

•So much more will be learned and included in this challenge! If you’re ready to truly make an all around life transformation, this is the challenge to do that with!