Stronger Than Your Struggles Challenge

Stronger Than Your Struggles Challenge

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Who is this for?

This challenge is for any girl who is facing or has faced struggles in their life. Depression, doubt, fear, anxiety... none of that has power over you. You CAN and WILL overcome any and all obstacles that you face in your life. This challenge is so much more than just a workout program. It’s about so much more than just our physical transformation.  It is a tool you will have that is going to carry over and help you in every aspect of your life! You are not alone, you are capable of anything, and you can heal and use your struggles to create a strength and a version of yourself that is unstoppable. Let’s grow together and turn our struggles into STRENGTH. You ARE stronger than your struggles! Today is the day to start your journey to becoming the best version of YOU!

What’s Included?

• 6 weeks of training!

• An at home and a gym version will be provided!

• A support community for everyone to uplift one another!

•Demonstration videos!

• Nutrition guidance (macro tracking tips, grocery lists, meal examples, how to eat according to your goals & more)!

• Training guidance (learn how to train in a way that is sustainable and effective long term)!

• Videos and guidance on overcoming obstacles in life, depression, anxiety, goal setting, consistency, financial hardship, insecurities, and more!

• Weekly Prizes + a grand prize for overall winner!

• So much more!! If you’re ready to seriously make a change that is long lasting and carries over into all aspects of your life, THIS is the challenge to do that with!

This challenge is in loving memory of a client and friend Jamie Tran