Snatched & Thicc Vol. 6+7 (12 week program)

Snatched & Thicc Vol. 6+7 (12 week program)

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Snatched and Thicc volume 6+7 is the final program to the Snatched and Thicc series! 

What’s included?

12 weeks of training (gym based only) 

•6 workouts per week

•Mindset and Nutrition guidance sections 

•A Support group chat 

•Demonstration Videos

•Helpful information for fat loss, gaining, muscle, and training in a way that is sustainable long term

•How to track and calculate your own macros 

•Helpful and easy recipes each week

•Budget friendly grocery lists for (vegan and non vegan included)

•This program is for anyone who is looking for a longer program and needs structure for 12 weeks. This will also help you in the long run once you finish the program and you will learn how to train sustainably as a lifestyle.

•Beginners and advanced lifters are welcome! 

•Weekly Q&As within the group chat will be provided!