Snatched & Thicc Vol. 5

Snatched & Thicc Vol. 5

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This challenge will begin on 4/26/2021! This will be my best challenge yet to date! Read everything below to see what's included!

1. You will get 6 weeks of training with 6 workouts a week provided

2. This challenge has 3 programs in 1! A gym version, an at home version, and a glute guide

3. A support community is provided

4. Sections on mindset, training, and nutrition are provided. You will learn fundamental tips and tools that will set you up to succeed long term

5. A section dedicated to beginners will be included and you will be provided everything that I wish I knew when I first started my fitness journey

6. You will be entered to win a prize each time you complete a workout! Prizes go out weekly and are drawn at random

7. You will be provided with demonstration videos for the exercises that are apart of this program

8. Weekly group zoom calls are included

9. Weekly recipes are included

10. The most important thing is the experience that you will gain with this challenge that you will be able to carry and apply to all aspects of your life!

What you will learn and who this challenge is for

This challenge is for any girl who is looking to gain lean muscle mass, BUILD the body of their dreams through actual hard work and consistency, and grow mentally and in all aspects of life.

I will be sharing with you all of the things that have helped me do the following:

Set goals and accomplish them, track macros, have a healthy relationship with food, gain perspective, train with progressive overload, build muscle while maintaining a small waist, lose body fat, grow glutes, get stronger, have better mental health, train and eat in a way that is enjoyable and sustainable, and so much more!

Have questions before joining? Contact Shae directly at!