Abs, Legs, & Glutes Phase 1 (8 week program)

Abs, Legs, & Glutes Phase 1 (8 week program)

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Is this program just for abs, legs, & glutes? No! All muscle groups are incorporated into this program, but this program is for girls who have similar desires and goals physique wise as myself! We will be training in a way that will allow you to build a strong, curvy, feminine physique emphasizing building our legs and glutes while maintaining a small waist and a fit and trim upper body. Chest, back, arms, calves, etc.. will still be very much so incorporated, but in a way that compliments our goals!

I will be including all of my knowledge that I have learned over the years through experience of gaining muscle, losing fat, going through a pregnancy and postpartum journey and “starting over”, maintaining a small waist while gaining lean muscle, how to effectively train and eat in a way that is sustainable and enjoyable and how to think in a healthy and productive way that will help you achieve any goal that you set your mind to!

This is a no BS, strait to the point, simple yet very effective program that will help you achieve a strong and curvy built physique through hard work and consistency!

You will be provided with 8 weeks of training and 6 workouts a week will be provided along with mindset and nutrition guidance. A support community will also be provided and so much more!

This program is phase 1 of 3, and will expire 12 weeks after the start date (July 19th).